Sunday, July 24, 2011


A. Elements of Art

1. Line
- Lines are a number of points in a row with a distance
- Lines can be processed to complete the look, fabric, tons, to create patterns and to create form, space and movement.

2. Rupa(shape)
- Art is the meeting point of the end of the start point
- Appearance is a flat surface outside the lines circled

- There are two types of shape:
A type of geometry - angles, such as triangular, rectangular, pyramidal, round, etc..
b-type organic - free way, the angle not unlike a leaf, fruit, stones, etc..

Rupa-processed form:
A positive shape - visual objects displayed in one place
b-negative shape - visual space around an object.

3. Form
- The characteristics of an area, height, weight and more than a surface

- There are two types of forms, namely:
a- concrete form - a true 3-dimensional object touches can be seen and felt. (Non-photo)
b-form of illusion - a visual form that is represented by two-dimensional drawings or paintings.

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