Wednesday, July 27, 2011


6. Color
- There are three kinds of colors:
a-primary colors - red, blue and yellow (can not be made with a mixture of other colors)
b-secondary color - a mixture of two primary colors (blue + yellow 'Green Orange' Yellow + Red and Purple Red + Blue)
to mix the primary colors secondary colors - c-tertiary colors

- There are 3 color composite of:
One-color harmony of color next to the color wheel (color family, comfortable and balanced)
b-penggenap color - the color from the color wheel (raises the impact of fresh, rich, contrast, vibration and movement)
c-gray color - only one color with many tons (from light to dark)

- There are two color temperatures:
A warm color - the color red purple yellow green in color wheel (increases the impact strength, fiercely, hope, war, animated, etc.)
b-cool colors - colors from green to purple-wheel (cause of the effect of a cold, sad, peaceful and quiet)

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