Thursday, August 4, 2011


B. Painting

1. Introduction
- Painting is a two-dimensional work of art using fresh media
- Painting needs for water in solvents such as water color and oil for oil paints (paints flash)

2. History painting
- History of painting began in the early days of Ancient Greece
- Renaissance to the 14th century to 16 are the peak times, the famous painter was Leonardo Da Vinci in his painting 'Mona Lisa'
- Age of the Baroque and Rococo into the 17th century to 18
- Romantic Days and impression of the 19th century style of Impressionism priority, and Kiubisme Ekspressionisme
- Modern Art era of the 20th century style of Surrealism priority

3. The flow of art / style of painting
a-Realism - drawing / painting done right, and resembles the actual shape
b-Impressionism - prioritize and focus on the atmospheric environment impact of the lighting
c-Expressionism - emphasizes the emotional statement, the form object is not clearly described
d-Abstract Expressionism - a spontaneous painting, abstract images of nature and have no realistic
f-Cubisme - concerned with geometric forms of the split-break and cause the illusion of three dimensions
g-Surrealism - reflect images of the subconscious or imagination
h-Art Pop - the visible elements of an advertisement or commercial areas
Op-Art (optical) - geometric design, a particular line and color to produce a motion picture in sight